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Accelerate your professional growth
with compelling career marketing tools from Thrive! Resumes.

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Define Your Focus

Where do you want to go? Like any marketing tool, a resume performs
best when you have a clear focus
and a targeted audience.

At Thrive! Resumes, 100% of the strategy and branding message for your resume is driven by your unique goals.

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Stand Above the Crowd

A Thrive! resume illustrates the value you offer prospective employers, by describing the impact you've delivered in past roles in concise yet powerful language.

Once employers understand this, they begin to see you as the solution to a business problem they are facing.

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Leverage LinkedIn

A great LinkedIn profile with a powerful branding message, optimized to rank highly in searches by recruiters, is as essential as the resume.

Recruiters value “passive” candidates they discover on LinkedIn even more highly than those who send in resumes.

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Here's what our clients say.

"I sent out my old resume for nine months and had zero interviews. In the eight weeks since I received my new resume, I've had a total of
five interviews and three job offers. It's great to have options in my professional life!" ~ Ted R., CEO/COO

"After you created my resume, I was contacted by so many recruiters and employers, I couldn't keep up with them all!
Now I need a resume update." ~ Deidre M., Sales & Marketing Executive

"After you updated my LinkedIn profile yesterday afternoon, I was contacted by three recruiters before noon today, and have three interviews
scheduled for later this week! I can't thank you enough!" ~ Audra M., Vice President of Marketing

"WOW! Love it! Love it! Love it! I am so pleased and impressed with my new resume. Thank you so much! I feel much more confident
with this new resume as I search for the next adventure." ~ Todd S., Retail Management Executive

"A recruiter from Korn Ferr placement firm told me that this is not just the best sales resume she's ever's the best resume of any type that she's ever seen, in a career spanning more than 25 years! Thank you for your outstanding work and your insights, on both resume strategy
and the job search." ~ Robert B., Executive Director of Sales & Business Development

"My LinkedIn rankings increased 300% in searches by recruiters, in the two weeks since you updated my profile! Thank you!! I considered myself a LinkedIn superuser, but I never knew the impact a few simple changes could have on my job search!" ~ Miriam A., VP of Marketing, Communications & PR

These are real testimonials from just a few clients who are exceptionally focused, motivated professionals in select industries, so your mileage may vary.

Thrive! Resumes creates compelling career marketing tools for clients at all levels and in most industries.
No matter where you want to go, Thrive! Resumes can help you get there!