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The Thrive! Resume Process is Simple

Thrive! ResumesBe proactive and order your Thrive! resume 4 to 6 weeks before you need it (even though our part of the process takes only 7 to 13 business days.)

Many clients tell us that when they complete the Thrive! Resumes worksheet in step #1, they gain a new perspective on their career and goals. It’s also excellent preparation for all those job interviews.

Once you have ordered your resume package and payment is in place, the Thrive! process is:

  1. Fill out a worksheet about your career focus and past experience.
  2. Schedule a 30- to 60-minute phone call to uncover even more details for your resume.
  3. Receive your new Thrive! Resume and cover letter five to seven business days later.
  4. Schedule a 30-minute phone call (about three days later) to discuss any and all questions or concerns you have, and make changes  in a way that supports the unique strategy of your resume.
  5. Approve any changes and receive your final resume, usually the next business day.
  6. In 3 to 5 days, admire the new, optimized LinkedIn profile that will turbocharge your job search!

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