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Attain New Heights: The Thrive! LinkedIn Profile

Attain New Heights with a Professional LinkedIn ProfileLinkedIn is a great way for you to find a job … but it’s an even better way for a great job to find you.

The most powerful job search tool ever invented, LinkedIn has revolutionized the recruiting process. Up to 80% of employers nationwide use LI to identify and contact highly qualified candidates … often, before a job is even posted.

Employers value the “passive” candidates they proactively discover on LinkedIn even more highly than those who submit their resumes to the company.

A Thrive! professional LinkedIn profile is optimized to achieve higher rankings in searches by Thrive! Resumesemployers and third-party recruiters, for jobs that are a great fit for you. The LinkedIn package includes customized tips to increase your visibility, enabling you to leverage this very powerful job search tool.

Of course, LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch with your professional network. It also features job postings at all levels. But those features pale in comparison to the benefits of attracting top employers 24/7, even while you sleep.

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