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Thrive! Resumes delivers compelling career marketing tools targeting your future!Across industries, executives are taught that they can gain a competitive edge for their company by always hiring the most highly qualified specialist for each position.

The average US employer receives 1,000+ resumes for each opening. Even for executive resumes, or those received through a referral, the process is the same.

Employers use a computerized ATS (applicant tracking system) to rank this gigantic pool of resumes based on unique criteria pre-established by the employer. Up to 95% of the resumes in any company’s database are never seen by a human being, because they don’t perform well in the ATS rankings.

The top 50 to 100 resumes are briefly scanned by an HR executive. Resume research with eye-tracking technology shows that they spend just 6 to 15 seconds on each resume before rejecting it.

The top 5 to 10 candidates are contacted for a short phone interview. Based on those conversations, the top 3 to 5 candidates are scheduled for one or more face-to-face job interviews.

The most outstanding candidate is offered the job. Tragically, the prize for second place in the job search is often unemployment or career stagnation. 

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