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A great resume is not about the past, it’s about your future.

Thrive! Resumes: Define Your FocusA resume is a career marketing tool. Like any other marketing tool, your resume performs best when we deliver a clear branding message to a targeted audience.

Thrive! Resumes is committed to the concept that every client and every resume is unique.

If you’re targeting a role in sales, your Thrive! resume will be completely different from the resume we create if you’re targeting an accounting position. That’s true even though your professional experience and achievements are the same.

No matter what resume dilemma you face, we have helped many jobseekers overcome the same challenge. There are multiple well-respected, highly effective resume strategies to help you achieve your professional goals.

A Thrive! resume illustrates the value you offer and showcases your accomplishments. When employers understand the impact you’ve delivered in prior roles, they begin to see you as the ideal solution to a business problem they are confronting.

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